Tournament 1v1 WC VII - Round 1

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don't you know I could do this dance all night?
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not much to say, i did p bad this season and there's a lot of room for improvement
i signed up to play with my friends and on that front things were good, special s/o to eggsbuns for motivation and trying his best, giboney for constant support with building and midseries (i should listen to you more sorry dude), syno for being super chill and dedicated, and waylaid for doing your job as a manager and going 3-0 despite not being able to be always around
good luck to the rest of the teams still competing for playoffs, and special good luck to my friends, tour is probably over for us but im still hoping for some good shit from all of you
big thanks to emilio kaif litten drip rellia bird edgar darcy giboney jacob and many more, i also enjoy playing 1v1 thanks to all of u and the moments outside of it, wishing the best for every single one of you
catch you on tft
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won vs arvin ggs, thanks for being such a pleasant person

4-0 feels nice but I would've rather gone 0-4 if it meant our team could make the playoffs, as a group our highs are really high but our lows are certainly low. finally winning one of these world cups (or even making finals) is one of the last things I feel like I have left to do in 1v1, but I suppose this tour showed that I can still be a valuable asset even with less time to dedicate to this pokemon thing. in any instance, I'm not giving up on west yet. thanks to my teammates for making this tour a fun environment, and I take responsibility as a captain for not fostering a more active team environment. In my defense, november WC is probably not the move in the future

because I've dropped off a lot activity/involvement-wise in the past few months I wanted to give a couple of random shoutouts to some players I admire, regardless of their wc team affiliation.
eblurb you're one of the more dedicated players I've seen and I'm proud to say that I misjudged you when we first met. I think if you direct some restless or angry energy to productivity you'll be extremely hard to stop in any aspect of your life
delemon don't think I've really talked to you much but you're the gold-standard of 1v1 preparation and play in my eyes, extremely deserving circuit champ and I'm excited to see where you push this metagame
stravench I love your work ethic, the mix of talent and ambition that you bring to tours is admirable
bored_glitch Bopher two very different people but the same message; I look forward to watching your guys' games more than anyone else on this website and you both inspire me to think outside of the box
DripLegend I'm always gonna be rooting for you man, I've said it's been cool to watch your progression as a player and leader alongside you but it might be even cooler watching you do it without me, hope you dazzle them all
Baleblaze Synonimous it always puts a smile on my face to see you two on. watching you both come back and kick ass every wc is genuinely a highlight of the tour for me

sorry this is so much writing but ig I'm feeling sappy, so sappy in fact that I'm wishing the best for all the teams (even east) continuing forwards in the tour. it's been a pleasure, and may the best team (even east Mishlef) win
ggs El nana, the boogeyman himself. Unironically was concerned facing him but he's such a chill guy to schedule and battle with, score line doesn't really do him justice I don't think.
S/o DEG for g1,3 teams and Heika for hosting the tour :> (S.Weapon unleashed, but genuinely didn't mean to bm here) bg mb for miss :/ would have loved to play series out otherwise)


Shaming doubters below. Funny tortoise ftw.


I’m sorry to the United States of America of the western region that I wasn’t able to pull through and get wins when it mattered the most. This tour was getting hosted at an unviable time for me. I wasn’t as active as much as I wanted to and I take full responsibility for that. Just had lots of irl issues happen and I’ve been feeling extremely sick for a bit. Again, sorry that I couldn’t pull out wins when it mattered the most. I also performed pretty poorly this tour as a whole but again that’s my own fault.

shoutouts to eblurb Waylaid Elo Bandit Vertigo bo_bobson27


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won vs nana ggs bro always a pleasure and ty for not killing me for being late
G1, G2, G3, G4, G5

Unfortunately we are out this year regardless. Shoutout my team I think there is a lot all of us could have done and I coulda been a lot better of a manger but life happens sometimes. Proud of all the homies regardless we come back stronger next year. ggs!


coastin' like crazy
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Season is over for us but gz to all the teams who made playoffs.

Ty to my team for being fun, vibes were nice. Finally, thank you to @opchurtle for helping me with all my teams. YOU are the forefront of this tier. YOU are the single best builder in the tier. LGI SOUTH
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